Policies During COVID-19

Social Distancing

As we continue our services during this pandemic, we will be taking the following precautionary measures.

Protecting you and your homeowners and the safety and well-being of our team members is our first priority as we navigate through these unsettling times. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to have a greater impact on the communities we serve, we have taken additional actions to ensure that we continue to serve your home sellers.

Please inquire with the homeowner to see if anyone in the household is or has been experiencing any respiratory symptoms and or has had a fever within the last 14 days.  If so, we request that you postpone your shoot.

NO ONE is allowed in the home during the photo shoot. Homeowners and agent can remain outside or in their vehicles.

When photographing indoors, we will take the following safety precautions. Prior to our arrival, please complete the following:

1. Turn on all lights and lamps.
2. Have any closet door that needs to be photographed opened.
3. Make sure toilet lids are closed and towels are folded neatly or removed altogether.
4. We will not be moving anything.
5. Please make sure blinds are open.

You can also be assured that our team members will be vigilant with already-existing health precautions such as regular hand washing and cleaning our equipment before and after every home visit.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

It is important that you notify your client (homeowner) of these policies. If you are unable to agree with these policies, your appointment will be cancelled. You may be charged if we arrive and are unable to proceed due to not adhering to these policies.

Thank you for your understanding.